The Big White Church Down the Street: Give Me That Old Time Religion

The Big White Church Down the Street: Give Me That Old Time Religion

The literary contents within "The Big White Church Down the Street" is not make-believe, fictional writing, but rather, it is written from my own personal experience while attending church services of a Pentecostal denominational culture, the testimonies of bible theologians and research and experiences of others, including those in ministries and the general population of Christians who have experienced what I call "spiritual abuse," and "congregants neglect."

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About the Book
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The book identifies the many different ways abuse in the church happens, how to recognize it, and steps one must take to protect themselves from doctrines not supported by scriptures. The Big White Church Down the Street differ from my first book titled, “And Other Sheep I Have Which Are Not of This Fold; Them I Must Bring Also,” in that, it reflects on how many are deceived by wrong bible doctrine and discloses and reveals ineffective leadership.

This book will reignite the faith of those who have been abused by doctrines of religion, legalistic metaphors such as rules and regulations that opposes Jesus purpose of dying for our sins, and restoring the body of Christ back to God’s original intent, that we are free and made whole in Christ Jesus. It cuts through the chase with confirmable scriptures, research and theological truth that will restore the mind that has been discouraged by the wrong doctrine.

Genres: non-fiction, Religion & Spirituality
Tags: Believers, Brother Calvin Allen, Christian Books, Christian Leadership, Church Elders, Doctrine, Jesus, Souls
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, eBooks
Length: 68
ASIN: B081B6S542
ISBN: 9781545681466
List Price: 11.49
eBook Price: 5.99
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About the Author
Brother Calvin Allen

Minister Calvin Allen is compassionate about people of God that are abused in any capacity. Just as Jesus' focus is on the sinner, Minister Calvin Allen believes that Jesus came to free and save those who are lost, and who, through bad choices and issues of life, has lost their way.

Minister Calvin is an author, minister, addiction counselor, and an award-winning gospel music artist, whom God delivered from two devastating deaths. He holds two associates degrees in theology and human services, and currently pursuing his Bachelors's in Social Work. He hosts an Overcomers Outreach Group weekly, while walking the streets in his community seeking those that are depraved and destitute. He volunteers on the Pastoral Team at the local hospital.

Minister Calvin is a voice of Hope for the lost--the sinner, who seeks refuge in a societal structure that seems to be falling apart.