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  Reid Ashbaucher

      RCETC Christian Book Promotions is owned by Reid Ashbaucher who was born in the United States and is the author of four self-published books, Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World (First and Revised Editions), The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings and Book Publishing: A Quick Guide For First Time Authors.

      Reid has been actively operating and promoting the domain name of RCETC.com for over thirteen years. RCETC for the past ten years has been operating as an out-reach ministry worldwide called: Reference Christian Eternal Theological Concepts (RCETC) and has expanded to this sub-domain ministry for Christian authors like himself, who are looking for free or inexpensive ways to promote good Christian literature.

      Reid holds a B.A. degree in Comprehensive Bible, an M.A. degree in Christian Theology and has completed some post graduate work towards a Ph.D. in Religious Studies. Having a background working in the electronic communication industry for over 35 years, Reid has learned the skills to work with computer, software and Internet technology to become proficient at SEO and Website promotion. Being a self-published author himself, Reid has, for the past five years, learned how the industry works and the best ways to build an author’s platform. If you’re looking for evidence of that claim just Google, Yahoo or Bing his name for Internet presence.

      In the end, this Website exists as another tool to help build the Christian author’s platform. Reid has just published a small eBook on self-publishing and the best ways to promote yourself as an Author, and distributed through Smashwords and Amazon KDP. You can find the book at “The Book Table” on this Website.

      Thank you for stopping by!