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NOTE 1: This form does not ask for any information that is not already public on the Internet through your publication or promotion efforts. Your real name, if not the same as your pen name, will not be used publicly and falls under our Privacy Policy.

NOTE 2: By submitting this form, you affirm that you are of the Christian faith and believe that Jesus Christ is God by nature and God is Triune (A Trinity) in nature.

NOTE 3: Regarding our "Book for Review" feature, we only post book reviews by third parties, with lengths between 100 and 500 words. You can get such reviews through (Readers Favorite - https://readersfavorite.com, Christian Book Marketing - http://www.christian-book-marketing.com) or organizations like Blueink Review or Clarion Review. We cannot use Amazon reviews or any other book retailer's reader reviews; they are copyrighted to the original author and would require permission from them to use. Therefore, we highly suggest you get your reviews from the sources we suggest here. These we can republish.

NOTE 4: Thank you for promoting with us. We charge fees to help cover the promotional and operating costs of this site, so others may have the opportunity to promote how God is working through their published works.

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Please list up to three Genres (Separated by a comma) that you list your book under. Examples: Religion/Spirituality, Theology, Religion, Christian Living, Philosophy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Novel, Christian Romance. (Generally this should match what you provided your publisher or distributor with.)
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(Optional) We use this to add additional features to your promotion, if your book is available in Kindle eBook format.
Use this if you do not have a ISBN number and deal with Amazon exclusively, or you want to have us activate Amazon book sample, which comes from their look inside the book feature, providing you are taking advantage of that feature. If you choose this option for you book sample, chapter samples provided in this form will not be used.
Please list up to five words or two-word phrases, (Separated by a comma) that you want to use for search words or tags for this order. Always use your author's name as a search term. (Note: Many times search tags are found and listed with search engines on the Internet.)
If you are ordering our "Book Table" feature, please provide the book information on the back of your book know as a Book Blurb or a fresh introduction to your book. This is limited to 160 words.
Provide a description of the book in 500 words or less. This is not your book blurb, but a description of what your book is about. Let the reader know what is inside the book, it could even be part of your introduction page if you have one.
Provide information about the author here. If you have an author’s book page or author’s blurb on the book cover, this would be the same information you would provide here.
(Optional) You can provide us with a chapter sample of your book for posting here. Limited to 2,000 characters. Or, if you are taking advantage of "Amazon's Look inside the book" feature, you can provide us Amazon's "ASIN" number for your book instead, then your readers will be provided a link to that feature on Amazon. (The "ASIN" number for your book can be found on your Amazon book page.)
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If you are ordering our "Book Trailer Feature," please provide us a YouTube, GodTube, Vimeo, or other similar video website URLs, that we can pull your book video from. Videos posted to Amazon and Facebook are not valid websites for this purpose.
If you are ordering our "Book For Review" feature, please copy and paste your book review here for posting to this site. (We cannot post Amazon reviews.)
Please list the page URL that the original book review is posted online.
26. Buy Now Buttons
If you are ordering our "Book Table" feature, please check up to THREE (3) choices for your "Buy Now Buttons" that will appear on your book page. If you pick more than three, we will only list three of your choices. If you choose the "Universal Buy Button," please provide us the store book page URL that your book is being sold on in the comment box below.
If any of these Buy Now buttons represent having an international presence outside the United States, you can designate which country you want us to point your BUY NOW button to in this comment line. Example: You can list the UK, EU, AU, or any other country the selling company has a presence in. This is useful for those that live and market their books outside the U.S. If you chose the Universal Buy Button above, please list your URL information here as well. Also, separate all information provided by a comma. Thanks.
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