Here at RCETC Christian Book Promotions we are all about author/reader interaction. This website exists for the purpose of promoting Christian authors no matter who they publish with or what business model they use for publishing. If you use a self-publishing company or you choose to be exclusively Independent, we invite Christian authors to become part of this community for the promotion of their literature, while at the same time invite our reading visitors to explore the books that are exhibited here.
This platform offers the author the ability to promote their work through the following features: The Book Table, Book Reviews and Book Trailer Videos. Explore our menu links to learn more on how you can be part of this community.
RCETC Christian Book promotions allow participating authors to continue building their platform through the variety of ways offered on this site. Author platform building can be accomplish by working with self-publishing companies, book agents, or by doing it all themselves. There are those that do this by using a combination of these methodologies, but in the end, building a platform is a lot of work, and the Internet and social media outlets are all part of the process.
Here at RCETC Christian Book Promotions we provide an additional venue for participation, as we assist authors in the promotion of the author’s platform. This site is designed around Search Engine Optimization practices of all its content, and will continue to be developed for maximum Internet exposure to the book reading world.
If you want to be found on the Internet, this is the place to be. Thanks for stopping by!

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