Canaa Lee

Canaa Lee is a Christian counselor and studied at Liberty University. She is working on a new book entitled “Beauty from Ashes.” Canaa’s twenty years of experience in writing personal memories shine through her recent collection of Facebook posts, professional research and discussion posts, and blogs that capture the essence of personal experiences as a faithful and devoted woman of God. She diligently reads and studies the Word of God. Canaa earned an online certification in Biblical Evangelism from Living Waters. She and her brother Justin, the Sensational Siblings, are a host of an online radio show, Bread of Life Talk Show. Canaa is also the editor and writer for the Bread of Life Talk Show. She loves to take an interest in the topics and issues that are helpful to spiritual growth, emotional development, and intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Canaa enjoys spending with her family and best friend, her Sensational Sibling, Justin.

Out of the Abundance of the Heart: The Root Centered Around Unaddressed Pain and Resentment Towards Her Father