Our Philosophy

Christian Book Promotions is part of Reid Ashbaucher Publications promotion efforts, promoting Christian authors worldwide. Our goal is to promote Christian authors that believe that Jesus Christ is God by nature and holds to the teaching of the Trinity of God and the holy inspiration of the original Scriptures.

This site endorses no organization or author, but serves as another avenue for Christian authors to promote and build their platform. As our “Privacy and Terms of Use” Policy states, you hold all copyrights to your material, but grant us a limited non-exclusive license to use the material you provide us for promotion of your platform. This is the same agreement individuals have already made with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other on-line organizations that promote worldwide. If you Google the “authors” or “books” posted on this website, you will find this site listed in your search results, thus becoming part of the author’s platform. As authors repeat this effort on multiple websites, the author’s platform grows.

We feel this approach is better, instead of purchasing ads that may or may not reach your readers on sites that have little to do with your genre. You will not find ads or used books competing against your work here. Once readers find you here, it will connect them to your book information, and places they can purchase your work instantly. Connectivity to you is all located here as we are found through interested readers.

If you feel this makes sense for you, please join this community and allow us to help build your author platform. As this site grows, our visibility on the Internet grows collectively. Thanks for stopping by!