C. A. Campbell

Many women like Charlie Ann Campbell have struggled with their walk with God, wrestling with familiar spirits they feel they can conquer on their own. Charlie Ann Campbell has lived a long time; however, she has not had a steady walk with the Lord all those years until she made up her mind to seek a deeper relationship with God. After being delivered, God commissioned her to write about having a relationship with Him. Charlie Ann knows that just because you are saved, walking in ones calling, does not mean that one has overcome all of their demons. Therefore, she has shared things in her life that will show how much God loves us and how He wish none to perish (2 Peter 3:9).

Charlie Ann Campbell has been a minister for over 22 years and served as her Pastor’s assistant for 14 years, and has currently return after five years to resume her duties. She had a correspondence ministry where she sent messages to inmates for 5 years. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Christian University, and a Master degree from Liberty University; both degrees are in Christian Ministry and Leadership. She is curruently working on her doctoral degree at Liberty University.

God My Father: Developing A Personal Relationship with God Our Father