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Money: Thoughts for God’s Stewards Today by Andrew Murray

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Nov 26, 2020

Kindle eBook ASIN: B08LVD9XGY
Audiobook ISBN: 9781954083004

Revealing old treasures to a new generation

Through this book, I was able to reflect upon what it means to have the mind of Christ as it relates to money. As you read this short book, you are challenged to consider how you think about money, its purpose, and its role in your life. You are reminded that what and how you give matters. As a church leader or a business leader, how you think about money has a multiplied effect as you model, teach, and make decisions. Financial stewardship is a spiritual discipline that we do not talk about. Both White and Murray challenge you to think about money as a conduit of grace. It is but one way in which we pour out ourselves so that others may experience God. The questions for reflection are a great addition to this classic work as readers are prompted to slow down and apply the concepts to their lives.

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