The Sealed little Book: Messenger of Good News!

The Sealed little Book: Messenger of Good News!

For the first time in history, the ultimate connection between the Bible and science has been published in "The Sealed little Book: Messenger of Good News!"


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About the Book
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The Grand Unified Theory of Everything (GUT/TOE) between the Bible and science, heaven and earth!

This Sealed little Book is a great mystery that has been hidden through all centuries but has been revealed by 20th century technology and science.

This Messenger of Good News describes the uniform correspondence between God’s Throne and the standard model of particle physics and DNA structure.

This Eternal Gospel is a description of God’s glory through the theory of relativity and the mass-energy relationship (E=mc²) in accordance with string theory.

This Gospel of God describes in words and pictures the hidden life of Jesus the Nazarene on earth through which everything and everyone is resolved into God’s Eternal Infinite Glory!

Genre: Christian Non-fiction
Tags: Johannes Venema, Sealed little Book
Publisher: Johannes Venema
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 32
ASIN: B0C7J95T98
ISBN: 9798397647687
List Price: 6.99
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About the Author
Johannes Venema

I grew up in an dutch ultra orthodox protestant christian family of ten children. During my childhood I had violin lessons for years and enjoyed playing my violin.

I have been an optician for almost 40 years now. I have done an eye measurement for more than 40.000 people. It is always a challenge to nullify the optical aberrations through glasses or contact lenses. The interaction between light and matter has fascinated me all my life. Light is the absolute zero point of motion, space and time! Therefore, no one can attain "Enlightenment" without nullification of all mass from his consciousness.

We see the light of stars at the farhest edge of our universe! These stars are now 46.5 billion light years away from us! This light has taken 13.7 billion light years to reach us while no time or distances have passed for the light itself. Wonderful paradox of God's Light! The "Big Bang" and the "Big Crunch" have happened simultaneously in God's Light! The future is history in God's Light! All information from the universe is simultaneously received by God because all information originated from God Himself!

Before the creation of heaven and earth there was nothing and no one else but God alone in his infinite untimely incomparable unlimited potential Glory.

Because God has infinite possibilities without limitations, He did not find rest and peace within Himself.

God needed feedback to find peace and rest in His limitless Majesty! That is why God created the heaven and earth!

God sacrificed Himself by multiplying Himself in His Creation to receive everything back from His creation so that fulfilled and satisfied by these sacrifices from His creation He would like to give even more so that we can give even more back to Him. Because of this interaction between the Creator and His Creation, the "Sacrificial Wheels" keep spinning for all eternity…