The Preacher That Quit

The Preacher That Quit

After 15 years of being a pastor, things are about to change for Brad. His divorce left him cynical, and his congregation was too apathetic; then Tom brought guns to church.
Brad saved everyone, but his preaching days were over. When the gunman's sister came to his door, she heard God's voice and became part of Brad's future.

Brad followed God's direction, and became a guest speaker on the radio. When a caller asked him a sexual question, he shared some steamy advice. That made him even more famous. Brad always obeyed God's rules, including His cautions against lust, but it was much harder after meeting Cathy. She had a lot of experience with lust but she didn't tell Brad any of it.

This story provides humor, and sadness, but what it transports is more valuable than gold. It may shock some Christians.

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About the Book
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This is a story about a pastor that quits his church after becoming a hero and the notoriety becomes too much for him. This man never leaves God or stops seeking His direction in life. From start to finish, this story shares Biblical truths that have either been ignored; are unknown; or have been forgotten by the greater body of Christ.

This ex-pastor meets a lady and falls in love. Then God uses her to direct him toward another heroic act. Because he is faithful in obeying God’s direction, he suffers physical pain and more unwanted attention from the press.

He eventually marries his new, Christian, fiancé, and after being released from a brief kidnapping, discovers she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Before her death, a mutual friend was encouraged, by his late wife, to become his new girlfriend, and that’s what develops. She inherits the role of sharing God’s direction with him, which again results in the saving of innocent lives and more unwanted notoriety.
He addresses a gathering of Christians in an attempt to squelch this attention and shares much needed direction and advice to Christians everywhere, telling them the church must prepare for persecution, not revival.

Before this story ends, he is, once again, happily married to a Christian wife.

Genres: Christian Novel, Christian Romance, Contemporary Romance
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Eternal Security, Jim Anderson, Romance Novel, Sensual novel
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 269
ISBN: 9781659150902
List Price: 6.76
eBook Price: 3.99
About the Author
Jim Anderson

I have been a Bible believing, Bible following, real Christian my entire life. I am now retired and still serving God because I am not a citizen of this world.

I live in northern Minnesota. I am not on any social media sites but I do want this book to be promoted by all who believe it to be God's will for Christians. If you believe this book is part of God's will for His church, and He has equipped you to promote it, please do that to the best of your ability. This book points to Him and His glory, not me or my pride. In the same way that God used David to kill Goliath, (non-conventional), I hope he will use real Christians,(non-conventional advertising), to promote this book.