The Gray Apostle: Roman Justice

The Gray Apostle: Roman Justice

In Ed Barr’s exciting sequel to “The Gray Apostle: Mission of the Messiah”, a powerful Roman Centurion and the High Priest Caiaphas join forces to track down and eliminate Jesus’ earliest disciples. The authorities worry that Christianity is a threat to Rome, so the new religion must be stopped! Unfortunately for Emperor Tiberius, it is difficult to track the whereabouts of the 12 apostles. The Apostle Peter has a secret weapon: a surreptitious network of courageous young people that is willing to step out on faith to prevent bad things from happening.

About the Book
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The Gray Apostle: Roman Justice, is the second book of a trilogy following the birth and growth of the early church from the perspective of a mysterious clandestine intelligence officer and a select group of young disciples. The book follows the early Church through its first years after its founding at Pentecost. While the first book of the serious, “The Gray Apostle: Mission of the Messiah,” brought to life the Gospels, the second book picks up after the crucifixion and tracks the challenges of the early Church as told in the Book of Acts.

“The Gray Apostle: Roman Justice provides an action packed look at the early days of the Church from the eyes of young disciples working with the mysterious spymaster, the Gray Apostle.
Many in the Church were confused and disheartened after the crucifixion of Jesus. The Resurrection inspired them to spread the Gospel, but they were challenged at every turn by the Romans and the Sanhedrin. The book weaves intelligence operations into the historical reality of the Book of Acts, providing an exciting and faithful perspective on the challenges faced by the early disciples.

The author combined his over 30 years in the intelligence community with his love of the bible to create a realistic, exciting, and mysterious portrait of the events surrounding the life of the early Church. Employing historical and biblical accuracy along with insight on intelligence and counterintelligence operations, The Gray Apostle: Roman Justice offers a unique perspective of the drama that may likely have occurred behind the scenes of Jesus’ ministry after the Resurrection.

Genres: Christian Novel, Church History, Fiction, Novel
Tags: Biblical history, Christian adventure, Discipleship, Early Church, Edward J Barr
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Paperback
Length: 274
ISBN: 9798837349461
List Price: 17.99
About the Author
Edward J Barr

Colonel Edward J Barr USMC (Ret) is a career intelligence officer who has worked with all major intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Ed helped create a Master of Arts in Security and Intelligence Studies program at Northeastern University in Boston, where he currently teaches. He has been published in several professional journals and newspapers. During his career with the intelligence community he served in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In recent years he earned a Master of Theology degree and has added teaching adult education classes to his teaching duties. Ed’s public speaking engagements focus on intelligence, military, and religious themes. He used his unique background to create a new biblical and religious themed novel, “The Gray Apostle: Mission of the Messiah.”