Tapping Your God-Source: A Book of Biblical Healing

Tapping Your God-Source: A Book of Biblical Healing
Gaze out into the vast, starry sky.

Now gaze inward and see the same thing.

On earth as in the heavens—all of God’s creation is resurrection from desolation—which is the way of our own salvation as well. For we are a part of this greater scheme and can know its sacred Source. We do not stray from Scripture when finding this God-source as the “Kingdom” or “Spirit” within ourselves (Luke 17:21) (1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19) (Genesis. 2:7) (Exodus. 31:3) (Job 32:8). Knowledge from modern psychology and the depths of spiritual teachings reveal how to tap into our sacred God-source through deep meditation and inner prayer. Thusly we can purge away the mental barriers blocking the way to total actualization—and finally finding self-transcendence. It is then we can sing out with Paul—“O death where now is your sting? O grave where now is your victory!”

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Part 1 will reveal the methods to extinguish the afflictions blocking our way to a fulfilled and grace-filled life. We cannot grow in God when possessed by fear, depression, negativity, addiction, or debilitating illness. Faith, prayer, Scripture, and therapy are needed here,

Chapter 1. “Prayers that Work” will delve into the silent prayer of meditation, as used in the Bible and by the Christian mystics. Then we will explore the power verbal prayer enlightened by knowledge and given power by acts—using the vital dictum: Act and ye shall receive. Also, we will find when to use blind faith and passive prayer alone, and the limits of such power. We will then explore the potency of personal images acting as catalysts to trigger our religious response and being channels to God.

Chapter 2. “Conquering Our Inner Demons”. provides the appropriate religio-therapy for the disorders of anxiety, obsessive compulsions, attention deficits addictions, and post-trauma. Here we neither regress back to psychoanalysis nor indulge today’s piecemeal therapies. We will instead utilize tested techniques of broad-spectrum therapy empowered by ageless scriptural teachings and prayer – all induced in a deep, prayerful state in oneness with God’s intelligence and power underlying all of creation.

Chapter 3. “Living a Positive Life” follows the dictum: “As one thinks in his heart, so he shall be.” (Proverbs 23:7) Beyond drugs alone, the most successful therapy for depression was found in psychological studies to be cognitive restructuring. Therefore, positive cognition and healing self-talk, developed by leading cognitive therapists, will be given maximum power in the form of scriptural teachings in the deepest state of prayer.

Chapter 4. “Rising from Illness & Pain” explores the techniques of guided imagery to help heal illness, suppress or unleash the immune system and more. Also, suppressing pain through altered, prayerful states is explored and utilized –- all empowered by timeless biblical wisdom and spiritual images in a deep state of prayer. The methods in this healing chapter should of course be practiced along with the appropriate medical attention as well.

Chapter 5. “Are There Prophetic Dreams?” explores the deeper unconscious of our dreams: including the role of dreams in Scripture, the visions such dreams bring up from the deep, the well of creativity lurking therein, the prophetic vision-quest in lucid dreaming, along with the retrieval and interpretation of such dreams. Also, a dream-sheet is provided so the reader can more easily pursue all of the above.

Part 2 moves beyond healing into actualization and transcendence through three merging paths: the Personal, the Interpersonal and the Transpersonal as we travel from optimum fulfillment to the invulnerable.

Chapter 6. “The Interpersonal Path: Applied Morality & the Golden Rule” shows the many ways the Golden Rule (known as the power of empathy in psychology) can be put into practice with great benefit to the giver as well as the receiver. Revealed here are the techniques involving sensitivity training, assertiveness training, anger management, motivating others, cultivating intimacy, the ability to give and receive love, and more—all utilizing prayerful techniques derived from Scripture and the Golden Rule.

Chapter 7. “The Personal Path: Tapping Your Full Potential” reminds us the true way of God’s creation consists of constant resurrection—and Scripture urges us out from the bushel, for the Kingdom within us to expand like leaven, and grow like a tiny seed into unbound fruition (Matthew. 13: 31-33; Mark 4:30-32; Luke. ) Here is revealed the way to find your true calling in life and give your life the purpose for which you were put on this Earth. Your potentials are God’s gift to you. Actualizing them is your gift back to God.

Chapter 8. “The Transpersonal Path: Toward Self-Transcendence” moves beyond the ego and persons alone, to expand into being part of something much Greater and More. Here the personal Trinity becomes universal, and the first Commandments glorifying God render last six only for sentient beings on a tiny planet. Once the perishable joins with the imperishable, we can then cry out with Paul: “O death where now is your sting? O grave where now is your victory?”

“For Professional Use” is a separate section offering more specialized insights through “Nouthetic Counseling “, “Patterns and Sources”, and “Healing Through Faith: A Scientific Perspective”.

Genres: Christian Self-Help, Christianity, Religion & Spirituality
Tags: George Tyrrell, Kingdom and Spirit, Self Ttranscendence
Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishers Inc.
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback; eBook
Length: 174
ASIN: 1949756734
ISBN: 9781949756739
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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