Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World

Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World

Second Revised Edition

Made in the Image of God is a book that provides key concepts for understanding the nature and personhood of God and mankind, while revealing the reality of how we as human beings relate to God physically, emotionally and spiritually in a metaphysical way, both now and in the future. Along the journey there will be discussions on such topics as: The Nature of God, The Nature of Mankind, The Trinity, and Jesus Christ as God and Man, while providing concepts that will help open the door to understanding God’s revelation concerning himself, as revealed through the Scriptures; as one reader commented: “After fifty years of being a Christian and doing lots of Bible study, this book gave me the clearest understanding of the Trinity and their interaction with me.”

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About the Book

This Revised Edition comes five years after the First Edition, not for the purpose of changes in conclusions but for better clarity to the understanding of the conclusions drawn. Within the revised edition, there have been added a few segments and comments to support and clarify the concepts being expressed, along with some minor syntax changes to help the readability and flow of the book. It should be noted that nowhere within the revised editions has there been any change in conclusions made on major concepts presented. All changes made have been for the purpose of bringing better clarity to or strengthening the arguments of the subject matters being discussed.

For the purpose of better referencing and navigational mobility within all revised eBook editions, a parcel Scripture Index and additional hypertext links have been added.

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Genres: Christianity, Philosophy, Religion, Religion & Spirituality, Theology
Tags: Anthropology, Christianity, Image of God, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Reid Ashbaucher, Religion, Theology
Publisher: Reid Ashbaucher
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, ePUB
Length: 236
ISBN: 9781513623818
List Price: 12.95
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About the Author
Reid A. Ashbaucher

Reid Ashbaucher was born in the United States and holds a B.A. degree in Comprehensive Bible from Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio, an M.A. degree in Christian Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana, and has completed some postgraduate work towards a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England.

Reid has been a believer in Jesus Christ for over 55 years. While experiencing life through secular fields of military service, business ownership and radio broadcast engineering, Reid has served in local churches as deacon, teacher and pulpit supply.