How To Understand And Live Your Faith

How To Understand And Live Your Faith

“How to Understand and Live your Faith” is written with the “body of Christ” (God’s people) in mind, with an understanding of the diversity within the “body” and the spiritual conflicts that face it everyday. From a busy world comes a great deal of disinformation toward the people of God, which continually generates distractions, producing a lot of noise. Thus, the need to focus on the basic essentials, which aids the “body” along their spiritual journey.

Within this book, the author will discuss five foundational concepts as reflected in each of the first five chapter titles, then through their summarization provide a biblical philosophy one can live by, as expressed in chapter six.

While navigating this information age, there is a need to filter all the noise, providing discernment between truth and a lie, allowing for stability to the “body” as it pursues God’s goals for His glory and Kingdom.

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Genres: Christian Living, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
Tags: Christian Living, Christianity, eBooks, Faith, Philosophy, Reid Ashbaucher, Religion, Spirituality
Publisher: Reid Ashbaucher Publication
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback / Kindle / ePUB
Length: 72
ISBN: 9781513621579
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