Building a Life with God: Workbook

About the Book
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BUILDING A LIFE WITH GOD – WORKBOOK is a helpful tool for discipleship in the church. The workbook is a follow-up to the author’s booklet—BUILDING A LIFE WITH GOD. Both are heavily Bible-based and discussion-oriented. The workbook is useful for individuals but has a greater impact when studied with a group. We best grow when in supportive relationships with one another, sharing our differing perspectives and experiences. The group will grow deeper in their understanding of the Christian faith, and gain skills for practicing a godly life. Subjects include: Forming a friendship with Jesus; Trusting Jesus to heal my damaged life; God’s purpose for my life; Being conformed to the image of Jesus, and more.

Genres: Christian Living, Religion & Spirituality
Tags: Believers, Christian Living, Christianity, Jay Ashbaucher, Spirituality
Publisher: Reid Ashbaucher Publications
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback
Length: 36
ASIN: 1733139990
ISBN: 9781733139991
List Price: 11.95
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About the Author
Jay Ashbaucher

Originally from Ohio, Jay R. Ashbaucher earned an undergraduate degree in education and a master of divinity degree before serving forty-four years in Montana as a pastor and Bible teacher. He served twenty years as a fifth step counselor and lecturer in an alcohol and drug treatment center where he listened to countless stories of people’s broken lives and struggles to achieve wholeness. From them he learned much about people and himself, which has helped in counseling individuals from all walks of life. He has enjoyed conducting grief classes, small groups, and teaching Philosophy of Christianity at a one-year wilderness Bible college. Now retired and living in Michigan, Jay continues his Bible teaching as an author, and together with his wife of fifty years, is enjoying life with family and grand-kids.