After God’s Heart: How to Draw Closer to God in a Busy World

After God’s Heart: How to Draw Closer to God in a Busy World

Do you feel frustrated, overworked, and over extended because of all the obligations, errands, and appointments that fill your week? Be honest with yourself, how many minutes do you actually take time out of your day to refresh and rejuvenate? And what about your spiritual life? Is your energy so depleted that you can barely read a five minute devotional or even say a quick prayer?

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About the Book
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In a world full of chaos and distraction, women must decide for themselves do they truly desire to connect with the one true God, their Heavenly Father and master and creator of the universe.

If your answer is yes, Carol urges you to re-establish your schedule. You must make a commitment and stick with it.

Carol has designed this brief book in a step by step format.

This book contains a great deal of scripture, but it also gives a “now” perspective, so women can take the information and apply it to their lives in our present culture and society.

A few readers that have read this book believe it is led by the Holy Spirit , but also author Carol Strang challenges her readers as well. She prompts her readers to examine their lives and to answer some relevant questions about their walk with God.

Genres: Christian Living, non-fiction, Spiritual Growth
Tags: Bible, Carol Strang, Our Schedules, Prayer, Relationships
Publisher: Amazon KDP
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 42
ASIN: 179749399X
ISBN: 9781797493992
List Price: 5.49
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Carol Strang

Carol Strang is a wife and mother who resides in the state of New Jersey. It is her passion to talk about God and his character and attributes. She loves to fellowship with other women. She is a speaker, YouTuber and runs her own podcast entitled “Beauty in Brokenness”.