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Tapping Your God Source: A Book of Biblical Healing

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Book CoverTitle: Tapping Your God Source: A Book of Biblical Healing
By: George Tyrrell
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

Former Atheist, George Tyrrell, writes on the power from God, from the Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit), that abides in all of us. His book is written as a manual to tap into God as our one and only source. The author uses Scripture throughout, but begins with something quintessentially simple, “…on Earth as it is in the Heavens” all God’s creation is resurrection from desolation. It’s the way of our own salvation as well. For we are part of that greater scheme, whose power dwells also within ourselves. (Luke 17:20-21) (1 Cor. 3:16-17). Tapping Your God-Source reveals how to tap into this power to overcome our fears and afflictions and become all we can possibly be.

The ultimate goal is self- transcendence, when we can finally sing out with Paul—”O death where now is your sting? O grave where now is your victory? Consequently, this writing combines a therapeutic approach with Biblical insight, Scripture and practices. The author addressed issues plaguing mankind such as: despair, depression, grief, addictions, compulsive thoughts, etc…all that take us away from God. Leading one into sanctification, the author examines the mind, heart and soul of a person through confession, repentance, and Scripture infusion.

This is an amazing read for those who want to seek healing in a new life in Christ, and is also recommended for those that feel stuck, or suffer from illness. For professional use, the author includes methods such as: The Nouthetic method, Patterns and Sources, Healing Through Faith: A Scientific Perspective, with References in the back. His unique approach to the subject of Biblical healing unites the scientific and psycho-therapeutic view, as the author reveals that all intertwine.

The eight chapters are divided into 2 easy-to-read sections: Part I – Drawing the Healing Powers: with Prayers that Work, Conquering Your Inner Demons, Living a Positive Life, Rising From Illness and Pain, Are There Prophetic Dreams? And Part II – Toward Actualization and Transcendence: with The Interpersonal Path: Applied Mortality, The Personal Path: Tapping Your Full Potential, The Transpersonal Path: Toward Self-Transcendence.

Offering reinforcement to those with weak faith and doubts, the author begins with also bringing the issue of faith to the forefront. To those that believe in our modern-day society and that science has discredited Biblical teachings, his book offers a fresh look into faith and belief in “God.” Those who could not conceive of believing in such a God, he offers questions, challenges and assessment, stating that even Atheists can believe in a higher creative power of the Universe.

A wonderfully, Biblically-based read on Biblical healing and God as your source. You may get your copy of Tapping Your God Source at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

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