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Out of the Abundance of the Heart: The Root Centered Around Unaddressed Pain and Resentment Towards Her Father

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Book CoverBook review by Mihir Shah (U.S. Review of Books)

“As long as we are seeking peace and justice from man, we will be disappointed.”

The search for one’s self is rarely devoid of adversity and darkness. This compilation of poetry and narrative prose is a candid depiction of how one can overcome those hurdles. From Lee’s perspective, this transformation is supernatural, no less the death of a former life and resurrection into a godly woman of Jesus Christ. Rather than preaching, Lee provides a complete snapshot of her life before finding the Lord. While there are numerous open letters to family and friends and even letters of forgiveness to those that deceived her, the root is centered around the unaddressed pain and resentment toward her father.

Lee’s ability to connect with nearly all audiences and establish instant intimacy is commendable. She, like most, spent time asking probing questions and being a skeptic before surrendering unconditionally. While there is not always a consistent poetic structure, some poems do exhibit AABB and ABAB rhyme schemes. Nevertheless, the genuine outpouring of feelings from the speaker shines through. For example, poems like “Daddy’s Little Girl” show the heartbreaking cycle of fathers initially treating their daughters like princesses, only to end up with someone they have little in common with as they get older. The premise of acceptance and forgiveness gives rise to intriguing poems like “Acceptance,” “Commemoration of Travis Lee,” and “Heavenly Forgiveness.” In the process, “A Little Dose of Reality” clearly demonstrates that Lee is unafraid to tackle sensitive topics like racism and racial profiling.

From using biblical phrases to zeroing in on the belief that love trumps all, Lee’s poetry is uplifting and provides a soothing feeling of healing and cleansing. Authentic and revealing, Lee is an open book. She shares her relationship with Christ and loved ones to help her readers navigate through the tribulations of their own relationships by taking a leap of faith and trusting the Lord.

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