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Out of Darkness Into the Light: Learning to See Life From God’s Point of View

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Out Of Darkness Into The Light is presented to us through the life and eyes of its author Jay Ashbaucher, a pastor of more than 40 years, who by asking questions and searching for answers in his own life, found that God’s point of view in life, as revealed through the Scripture, was much more helpful in moving his life from the darkness of life, to a much more positive and purposeful life, as revealed through God’s lighted pathway. Written from a pastor’s heart, and having spent a lifetime ministering to people through teaching, counseling and reaching out to others, comes forth an amazing book of practical life insights on everyday life issues confronting our faith.

As you read this book, you will feel a connection or bond with the author, as if he was sitting in your home as a friend, sharing with you his humble view point about his findings to what life is all about and how to live by seeing life from God’s point of view. The book is structured in such a way as to leave each chapter independent from the other, as each chapter covers its own topic about life. Through this arrangement, you can read one standalone chapter and walk away thinking; that was a good discussion about that issue. This work is twenty-six chapters in length, containing chapter titles such as Seeing God in the Happenings of Life; Stress and the Calming Presence of Our Faith; Facing and Answering the Problem of Death; The Value of Suffering; Trusting a Hidden God and Have You Discovered the Power of Why?

Simply by reading the Preface and Introduction pages, you will come to understand the heart and motivation behind the writing of this book, as the author states: “This book is not just for me but for those like the ones I met, and all who want to overcome the darkness.” (p. xx)

Out of Darkness Into The Light does not come from an intellectual perspective, but from a lifelong encounter with struggling and hurting people looking for a practical perspective on everyday life that makes sense for them. If you are looking for a friend in life who will help you face life honestly, you have found him in this book.

Out of Darkness Into the Light: Learning to See Life From God’s Point of View is well worth anyone’s time. On a scale of one to five, I give this work a FIVE!


Date of Review: 3/19/2016
Title: Out of Darkness Into the Light: Learning to See Life From God’s Point of View
Author: Jay Ashbaucher
Review by RCETC-CBR