And Other Sheep I Have Which Are Not of This Fold: Them I Must Bring Also

Reviewed By Lucinda Weeks for Readers’ Favorite

I truly enjoyed reading your book And Other Sheep I Have Which are Not of this Fold Them I Must Bring Also: God’s Plan to Save the Outcast. This was an interesting and often exciting read from cover to cover. I appreciated how you humbly shared your testimony. I feel that your testimony is one that many can relate to and glean from. It was a blessing to see how faithful Jesus was in your life and how he kept you safe time and time again.

It was encouraging beyond measure to see that Jesus brought you such incredible divine healing over your cancer and other health problems, when you had struggled for so long with a lifestyle of indulgent sin. Your testimony is one that can encourage so many people and I encourage you to keep sharing your faith in Jesus and reminding them how much Jesus loves everyone, even those believers in Jesus who seem to mess up over and over. I am certain there are many believers in Jesus who are weak to sin and can’t seem to break free, no matter how much they pray and beg God to change. Much of the problem is that they are often rejected and made an outcast by the church which doesn’t understand them or believe that they are sinners saved only by Christ’s blood mercy and grace.

I feel that your message is an important one. I feel it is one that can reach and touch the masses. I feel your message is so vitally important and I wish I could give it a higher review. However, there are some things that really need work. While you adequately used and ample amount of scripture throughout the book, which is a blessing to read

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